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Learning to play the guitar

As some of you might know I had a nasty accident on the 1st of February. To make a long story short and fell and broke my wrist pretty badly (so badly in fact that I needed to have surgery on it)

As a consequence of this I've decided to take the plunge and finally learn to play the guitar, I played the keyboard for a long time (never really officially learned anything but I had a lot of fun) and I've wanted to learn to play the guitar for a while now. Learning to play will force me to use my wrist as I try to rehabilitate my hand and force me to do so with something that I actually enjoy doing (can't say that the wrist exercises are particularly fun) so I'm looking forward to having something productive to do with my left hand. Purchased a white Stagg Steel-String acoustic from a local store called Gítarinn. It didn't cost very much so if I end up not liking to play or not having the patience to apply myself to it I won't be out too much money.