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The First Electric Guitar

Took the plunge and got myself a used electric guitar. I've been having fun with the acoustic connected to the computer so I wanted to stretch that, and I also wanted a guitar I could practice with without making too much sound, particularly useful if I want to practice when other people in the building might be sleeping. Got a used beginners tool which doesn't appear to have been used much for not a lot of money. It's a Stagg like my first acoustic, S300N, a fairly standard Stratocaster clone, has 3 pickups (neck, middle, bridge) and a 5 way split switch along with the usual Volume/Tone controls. It's not a Stratocaster, but it doesn't sound awful although the pickups do make quite a bit of noise if you have heavy gain. It sounds pretty good when played clean and even with a little crunch and after fiddling with it, changing the strings and lowering the action + adjusting the bridge for better intonation it's not a bad instrument at all, particularly for the price. . I also purchased a computer interface so I could hook it up to the computer, called a StealthPlug from IK Multimedia, it's great fun to connect it to the computer and I've been playing along with some computer amp software which is great for practice and playing when you don't want to disturb others.