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First child and some new entries on Soundcloud

Not a lot of updates recently, busy with work and then I had my first child on March 5th so I've been a little busy...

Here's a picture of the young lad
In other news I've uploaded 3 new files on Soundcloud

They are in (in no particular order)
  • Podcast-Intro - A short (40 second) piece I wrote as an Intro for a Podcast by request. They didn't want to use it so it's up for grabs (usual CC license)
  • C-Lydian-Backing - Ambient and Atmospheric backing track written in C-Lydian, 16 bar Verse, 16 bar Chorus in a V-C-V-C-C form
  • A-Harmonic-Minor-Backing - Easy going track with a heavy beat in A-Harmonic Minor, just a Verse, repeated a few times, drums kick in after one repeat