is the webhome of Sigurbjorn B. Larusson, an engineer and manager at Vodafone Iceland, from Reykjavik, Iceland.

Social media

My professional profile is available on LinkedIn

I'm also on Google+ Google+    and on Instagram Instagram

My twitter feed is on the far-right. I mostly tweet in English and about basketball but there is the occasional tech related tweet and even the odd Icelandic tweet. Opinions are my own and retweets are not endorsement.

I also love playing the guitar and I've made available some backing tracks that I've written for others to enjoy or use under the Creative Commons license, you can find them on my soundcloud page .

Other places of interest

I have a blog page that you can take a look at. It contains my musings on the music I've written (backing tracks for guitar playing), programs I've written and various things I think are relevant to others

I've also written some small pieces of code that are available to the public. You can download them or view them from my GitHub page. The code is generally well commented (documentation usually in the header) and there is also some discussion of each of them on my blog above.

My twitter feed