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As you know I've lately been having some fun with the very early (pre-initial-release) Kickstart disks for the Commodore Amiga series of computers. As a long time Amiga fan I've had more fun nerding around with these than many other more modern gadgets. The original developer tools found hidden on the disks include a tool called Download which was used to Download a binary over the serial port (from a machine that was able to generate a Amiga based binary, a Sun based workstation). On the sun end you would use a tool called tip (an ancient UNIX serial program for transferring files).

Obviously I wanted to try this download tool (on an emulated Amiga running the 27.X kickstart image). Making a tool that would convert a file to the format that the tip tool used was trivial and it's available on my GitHub page as convert.c. It should be easy to compile on any *nix system with gcc -o convert convert.c