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RtConfig MediaWiki Extension

I've been tinkering with making a RtConfig extension for MediaWiki. The reason for this is that we (as many ISps do) use RPSL extensively to describe our relationship with our BGP customer, peers and transits. We then use the RPSL along with the IRR Toolset to auto-generate configuration based on the RPSL description. The RPSL document is maintained on our own private Mediawiki based documentation page and I wanted to be able to parse the RPSL and display the generated configuration dynamically from within MediaWiki.

The result is that I've created this extension (which is available over on on the MediaWiki extension page) which allows you to use the <rtconfig> tag to tell MediaWiki to use the RtConfig binaries from the IRR to create the dynamic configuration on the fly. Extensive documentation is also provided on the MediaWiki page for every configuration option available and how you can get it up and running. This is being released as is, with no guarantee it will even work or won't blow up your system in the hope that you find it useful.